Introducing the Design Collective / by Sarah Vaile

At face value, interior design seems pretty straightforward. Really, how tricky can it be to find a pretty sofa on Pinterest, google it and click order? Oh my friends, how much time do you have…

There are so many complex layers to a discerning and unique design. Design that will last the test of time. Design that you won’t have to start over every ten years as the tastes shift. We hope to share just a glimpse into the world of design through our new blog 😉

Meet the blogging team... Hayley - The Huntress. To create a design that’s never been done requires a vast hunt into the world of textiles and furnishings. As much as we love our best friend’s drapery and pillow fabric, we are all about introducing new and unseen patterns. Hayley will take you on the hunt around the vast sea of furnishings, textiles, lighting, tile and design lines galore.

Lindsay - The Culturista. As much as we all revel that good interior design is timeless, there are most definitely current elements to every interior. A relevant designer must stay attuned to all things fashion, travel and the arts. Lindsay will share the goings on in the design world as they relate to interiors. 

Melissa - The Money (Wo)Man. Let’s be honest ….as much as we all love a phenomenal home, most of us have a budget - some bigger than others - but a budget nonetheless. The key to successful design is finding the appropriate mix of high and low. Melissa helps to make designs actually come to life by talking about the mix.

Kara - The Implementer. Back to that myth about finding something on Pinterest, googling it and clicking order…

Leaving last but hopefully not least, Sarah. The Guru. Someone has to tie it all together. A successful design is about all the collective items working in symphony. Mixing natural elements with modern textures. Cool and warm tones. Antique and modern. After sourcing hot, its the edit that ultimately lands the design. 
We can’t wait for you to follow along our weekly posts as we divulge the latest and greatest of the design world!