10 Milestone Moments over 10 Years / by Sarah Vaile

#10: The Big Dogs


The fun thing is that when you start your business young enough, you really grow up your clients. In ten years, we have gone from one-bedroom apartments to starter homes to the big dogs. 

Dare it to say…I think we are on the verge of entering a new level of design. 

It is humbling how much you thought you knew until you realize that you have learned that much more…

From Kentucky fieldstone and chippendale railings to groin ceilings and rooms encased head to toe in millwork to fireplace code and exterior landscaping in Aspen, I am humbled almost daily by how much knowledge we continue to accrue in our field of work. 

I’d like to say we have mastered the art of building a beautiful home but let’s be honest…in ten years I’ll probably say “I can’t believe I thought I knew so much then.”  

Stay with us!!