Art is in the eye of the beholder / by Sarah Vaile

Interior Design is so much more than buying furniture.  A room is an orchestra of different elements; floor covering, fabric, hard goods, wall covering, lighting, case goods and the jewelry of it all….ART!

Art is an integral part of interior design and is often the most personal reflection of our clients style and taste.  Some like nudes, some don’t.  Some like modern art, some are more traditional.  Some see art as investment, some see it as something to cover an empty wall.  Our job to take all of this and find that ONE perfect piece that harmonizes with all the other elements in the room.  

The right art can make a space sing and the wrong art can fall flat so we often spend a lot of time sifting through thousands of pieces on line and in person to track down the right one.  Unfortunately you cant always find the right piece when you need it.

In fact, most of the time we find a piece when we least expect it. Which was the case with the art for our 2016 Lake Forest Showhouse project. Time was running out, we had fully designed the “Teenage Boys Bedroom”, and we were floundering trying to find the right piece of art to go over the desk.  We were set on finding a piece that would emote the “rocker teenage angst” vibe we were going for but were having no luck.

Then, one day we walked into one of our favorite Chicago interior design stores “Rider For Life” and voila, there it was, a killer piece by Butch Anthony!  The juxtaposition of the traditional portrait reimagined with hand stitching was just what our room needed.

In the end it was the most talked about element in the room, but also the last piece to fall into place!  Bottom line, NEVER GIVE UP.  -Hayley