The Art High-Low Game / by Sarah Vaile

10 years ago at the beginning of our design career we loved the slogan "champagne room on a beer budget." we may have come a long way since then and lean more toward a wine/champagne miss these days but there is definitely some truth in that statement.

It's the high-low game baby! 

A gallery wall is the perfect place to take a shot at the high-low mix. Unique pieces by esteemed artists mix beautifully with more affordable prints from mainstream art retailers. The range in price usually lends itself to a variety of mediums too - we always strive for a mix of acrylics, framed prints, paintings on canvas, photography and even 3-dimensional art showcased in shadow boxes. 

Not to give away all of our secrets but we wanted to share some of our favorite pieces from our mainstream go-to lines!

Time to start your own gallery wall!