10 Milestone Moments Over 10 Years / by Sarah Vaile

#2: the big leagues

August, 2009: Richmond, Virginia 

It all started with a meeting in the cafe of the mid-town Bloomingdale’s, just around the corner from the D&D. I was meeting a client, who had just bought a parcel of an old plantation outside Richmond and was on the hunt for an interior designer to help build her dream country home.

It’s amazing how you remember milestone places in your life like they happened yesterday. I could still point to the exact table where we sat and had coffee.

Richmond Barn.png

We hit it off immediately. I was humbled to be meeting with this client. I was still marveled that she and her husband would entrust a designer with such a small portfolio to lead such a big project. I had seen the project’s architect and builder in Veranda a number of times. It was no small endeavor. She wanted someone young and eager who would really dive into the project and her vision. I couldn’t have been more eager.

Fast forward eighteen months….

….One Nor’easter later, I had foraged south down 95 with a car full of fourteen foot drapes.

….Made sourcing trips all over the country to find the perfect pieces.

…Hauled more than one piece of furniture down the quarter mile driveway (It’s no joke when the freight truckers say “only to the end of the driveway”….I only later learned of this line item called white glove delivery.)

…I had done the NYC to Richmond drive in more Zip cars than I’d like to admit.

….Filled 18 meandering rooms with Scalamandre velvets, Farrow & Ball greens, Swedish antiques, Turkish rugs and family heirlooms from Vermont.

…Added four more guests to my future wedding. 

I officially had a project in the portfolio. And one very happy client.

Richmond 2.png