10 Milestone Moments over 10 Years / by Sarah Vaile

#7: The Goggins

May, 2011: Pine Street, Winnetka

The thing about business is that you can’t really have one without clients. And frankly it’s not all that fun without good clients. Preferably kick ass ones.

Cue Milestone Moment #7 - The Goggins. 

One of the clients Meg had introduced us too were the Goggins. We hit it off immediately - all design meetings usually happened on a Friday night and involved at least a bottle of wine. 

Their project went off with a bang with everything arriving in time and looking pretty dang good. So good that we were asked to feature the home on the Winnetka House Walk…which I quickly learned translated to close to a thousand people from Winnetka and neighboring communities coming to see the home. 

It was an opportunity that didn’t come around every day. 

There was only one snafu - Danielle was due to have Baby #3 exactly one week before. Meaning not only was she being asked to open her house up to close to a thousand strangers but would have to clear out while they walked through literally every room of their home. With a newborn. 

I sadly assumed it was a definite no. Just recalling the scenario gives me anxiety. 

But cue Danielle the warrior, who is afraid of very little in life and knew what a big deal it was for us. Without skipping a beat she agreed to do it. 

I will have eternal gratitude for that move. Because that was when the North Shore met Sarah Vaile Design.