The Team

Headquartered in Chicago but designing all across the country, the tight-knit firm is comprised of six talented women with a wide range of professional design experience that spans architecture, fashion and event planning. The firm’s collective background results in a unique aesthetic and systematic implementation throughout all design projects.


Sarah Vaile
Firm Principal

Words to live by: The best things in life don’t come easy.

Most inspiring place: Anything in film. Preferably a good time warp film that captures the glitter of another era.

Favorite thing to do in my free time: At the moment I’m a bit of a baby factory. But fortunately I worship every little things my kids do. During daylight hours, that is.

Favorite thing to do wrong: I will never not love spending money.

Most inspiring designer: Miles Redd. He doesn’t seem to have a shy bone in his body, at least not when it comes to design!

Best word of the english language: Audacious.

Trend I’d rather never see again: Beige walls. Gray everything. The trellis pattern. what can I say - I tire of things quickly?

Favorite color: Chartreuse.

One thing I can’t live without: I am a self professed phone addict. It amazes me how much of the world you can access all in one small device. And do all at the same time. The perfect accessory for us multi-multi-multi taskers.

Dream project: My forever home, which I’m finally doing!! (Or did I just jinx it?)

Sarah Headshot.JPG

Favorite new discovery: How fun black trim in an entire house is. It never ceases to amaze me how wildly transformative it is.

Why design? It feeds both sides of my soul - both the free-spirited carpenter and the fancy pants in me.


Hayley O’Hara
Firm Partner, Lead Designer

Words to live by: “O well”- nothing should be too precious or taken to seriously.

Most inspiring place: Mother nature. She can do color like no one else. There is nothing better than sitting on top of a mountain, in the middle of the red woods, or near a beach for some inspiration. Her and I agree, green is a neutral.

Favorite thing to do in my free time: Yoga, travel and yoga while traveling.

Favorite thing to do wrong: Mismatch! Or as I like to say “power clash”!

Most inspiring designer: Kelly Wearstler. I love her balance of masculine and feminine in spaces. I feel like that is the key to good design.

Best word of the english language: POOP, lol see it is.

Trend I’d rather never see again: Honestly what goes around comes around, but usually the second time better! So bring on the brass and yellow walls from the 80’s!

Favorite color: Green.

One thing I can’t live without: Coffee. Every. Morning.

Dream project: My own home someday! I would love to rehab an old church somewhere in the city and turn it into my home.


Favorite new discovery: New ways of antiquing! I grew up antiquing with my mom and grandma. But it would be a full day activity of hunting and driving and scouring warehouses full of junk to find a gem. Now I can do it online. Its addicting, and I still spend most of my day doing it.

Why design? It combines my two passions – working with people and fashion. But fashion to the next level, dressing a house!


Melissa Dragues
Firm Partner, Lead Project Coordinator

Words to live by: Don't sweat the small stuff.

Most inspiring place: Scotland is my newest favorite discovery. Natural beauty everywhere, plus the people couldn’t be friendlier.

Favorite thing to do in my free time: Spending time with my family, but I can't live without "my time" put-sing around the barn and hacking out on long rides.

Favorite thing to do wrong: I just can't seem to stick to speed limits!

Most inspiring designer: Can't get enough of Juan Guzman-Maldonado's paintings!

Best word of the english language: Smorgasbord will forever be my favorite thanks the to rat from Charlotte's Web.

Trend I’d rather never see again: Mirrored bedside tables/dressers. The best place for a mirror is the wall ;)

Favorite color: Black

One thing I can’t live without: My babies... and throw my husband in there too.


Dream project: An old equestrian estate...would be even better if it was my own!

Favorite new discovery: Podcasts. I know I'm late to the game but I can't drive a mile without putting one on.

Why design? Because anything goes ;)


Lindsay Baker
Lead Designer

Words to live by: If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing RIGHT! (ie, go big or go home – especially when it comes to design budgets).

Most inspiring place: Jaipur, India.

Favorite thing to do in my free time: Fly fishing in Wisconsin and antiquing anywhere!

Favorite thing to do wrong: SPLURGE!...on trinkets, furniture, shoes, dessert. What’s that saying? “Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.”

Most inspiring designer: David Hicks.

Best word of the english language: PANACHE.

Trend I’d rather never see again: The current plague of wall-to-wall Restoration Hardware overload. Too much beige, grey, and giant industrial-meets-antique furniture. RH has some great staples, but it should be used in moderation!

Favorite color: Vermillion red.

One thing I can’t live without: Unique, vintage lamps and ceiling fixtures – the jewelry of any room!

Dream project: My grandmother’s home in Nantucket. We sold it when she passed, and I’d give anything to have it back. Or decorate it for the new owners!

Favorite new discovery: Many clients used to be more wallpaper-phobic – they were afraid to commit. Now though, they seem to be catching on to the wonders it can do to transform any room. Hooray!


Why design? Home is both a haven and a launch pad for everyone – it’s where we center ourselves in the world and spend time with the people who matter most. Life is so short...once our basic needs are met, there’s no reason NOT to surround ourselves with beauty and comfort while we’re here. But that doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and I love guiding people through the process of making a house their very own. Whether the budget is large or small, the end goal is the same.


Catherine Lamb
Renovation & Construction Specialist

Words to live by: Live in the moment – put your phone down!

Most inspiring place: This is a hard one because I tend to be most inspired when I travel and I don’t think I can single out one place. I love living life as a local and appreciating the culture, architecture, landscape, food, textiles.

Favorite thing to do in my free time: Dance parties with my kids!

Favorite thing to do wrong: I couldn’t think of a fun “favorite thing to do wrong” I of course love to swear, speed, bite my nails and spend money….

Most inspiring designer: Kelly Wearstler – She’s always pushing the envelope as far as design and has built a design empire.

Best word of the english language: The f word – it’s one of the only words that can be a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective.

Trend I’d rather never see again: I think all trends come back into style at some point. Sometimes better or worse than the first time around. I am current really over the rustic look – it’s been around for way too long!

Favorite color: Any shade of blue!

One thing I can’t live without: Coffee – I can’t start my day until I have at least one sip!

Catherine Headshot.jpg

Dream project: Renovating my family's summer home in upstate New York – hopefully someday.

Favorite new discovery: Schluters in countertops and tile work.

Why design? I love creating spaces which people want to be “in" and solving problems and interior design fused those together - design and logistics!


Kara Rosen
Project Coordinator

Words to live by: Buy the best and only cry once.

Most inspiring place: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Favorite thing to do in my free time: Listen to True Crime podcasts.

Favorite thing to do wrong: Online shopping. My biggest regret is that I don’t have a doorman to accept the daily onslaught of packages.

Most inspiring designer: Reem Acra.

Best word of the english language: Oy vey

Trend I’d rather never see again: Not being able to mix metals.

Favorite color: Lilac.

One thing I can’t live without: My planner.

Dream project: My new kitchen…which starts now!

Favorite new discovery: Life in the suburbs!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 4.55.01 PM.png

Why design? People spend so much time in their homes and it’s amazing to be a part of helping turn it into a space that they love and feel comfortable in.